StoneRox is a superior stone veneer suitable for both exteriors and interiors in residential and commercial applications.  Made in Canada, StoneRox provides a simple and affordable lightweight stone product that can be installed over most sound surfaces and can be combined with brick, wood or stucco to create brilliantly stunning visuals.

Being a lightweight veneer product, StoneRox does not require a brick ledge and can be installed in many locations where brick or other heavier products are simply not practical.

Green Home TV chose StoneRox products for the exterior of the Home Addition Project due to a number of factors including:

  1. locally manufactured

  2. has recycled content

  3. lightweight reducing transportation energy & cost

  4. zero maintenance product

  5. lasts the life of the house

  6. reduced waste as it will never deteriorate and be replaced

  7. reduced waste as the product in installed in place with little product cuttings







5291 Bethesda Side Road

Stouffville, Ontario, Canada L4A 7X3

(416) 798-7809

StoneRox product delivered on site.

StoneRox being installed on the Home Addition Project

Exterior Lightweight Facing Stone

StoneRox time lapse install.